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200-125 CCNA – Cisco:

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to:

  • Network fundamentals
  • LAN switching technologies
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies
  • WAN technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure security
  • Infrastructure management

Latest updates Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam practice questions

A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF configuration of routers R1 and R2. The routers cannot establish
an adjacency relationship on their common Ethernet link.lead4pass 200-125 exam question q1

The graphic shows the output of the show ip ospf interface e0 command for routers R1 and R2. Based on the
information in the graphic, what is the cause of this problem?
A. The OSPF area is not configured properly.
B. The priority on R1 should be set higher.
C. The cost on R1 should be set higher.
D. The hello and dead timers are not configured properly.
E. A backup designated router needs to be added to the network.
F. The OSPF process ID numbers must match.
Correct Answer: D
In OSPF, the hello and dead intervals must match and here we can see the hello interval is set to 5 on R1 and 10 on
R2. The dead interval is also set to 20 on R1 but it is 40 on R2.

Which value can you modify to configure a specific interface as the preferred forwarding interface?
A. The interface number
B. The port priority
C. The VLAN priority
D. The hello time
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.What is the effect of the configuration?lead4pass 200-125 exam question q3

A. Traffic from PC A is dropped when it uses the trunk to communicate with PC B
B. Traffic from PC A is sent untagged when it uses the trunk to communicate with PC B
C. Traffic from PC B is dropped when it uses the trunk to communicate with PC A
D. Traffic from PC B is sent untagged when it uses the trunk to communicate with PCA
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements describe key differences between single- and dual-homed WAN connections? (Choose two)
A. Dual-homed WAN connections are more expensive than single-homed connections.
B. Dual-homed WAN connections have more management-application overhead than single-homed connections.
C. Dual-homed WAN connections require more skill to administer than single-homed connections.
D. Dual-homed WAN connections have a simpler topology than single-homed connections.
E. Dual-homed WAN connections have higher WAN speed than single- homed connections.
Correct Answer: AC

which major ipv6 address type is supported in ipv4 but rarely used ?
A. Broadcast
B. multicast
C. unicast
D. anycast
Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the BGP terms from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 200-125 exam question q6

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 200-125 exam question q6-1


Which type of cable must you use to connect two device with mdi interfaces ?
A. rolled
B. crosseover
C. crossed
D. straight through
Correct Answer: B

Which statement describes the effect of the overload keyword in the ip nat inside source list 90 interface ethernet 0/0
overload command?
A. Addresses that match access listinsideare translated to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface.
B. Hosts that match access listinsideare translated to an address in the Ethernet 0/0 network.
C. Hosts on the Ethernet 0/0 LAN are translated to the address pool in access list90.
D. Addressesthat match access list90are translated through PAT to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface.
Correct Answer: D

Which device allows users to connect to the network using a single or double radio?
A. access point
B. switch
C. wireless controller
D. firewall
Correct Answer: A

What is the effect of configuring a server farm on a switch that operates in VLAN 20 using isolated ports?
A. Hosts in the server farm are unable to communicate with each other.
B. The primary VLAN and hosts are able to communicate with hosts on other VLANs
C. The primary VLAN and hosts are able to reach community ports.
D. The primary VLAN and hosts are able to communicate with each other
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 200-125 exam question q11

After you apply the given configuration to arouter, the DHCP clients behind the device connot communicate with hosts
outside of their subnet. Which action is most likely to correct the problem?
A. Configure the dns server on the same subnet as the clients
B. Activate the dhcp pool
C. Correct the subnet mask
D. configure the default gateway
Correct Answer: D

Which item represents the standard IP ACL?
A. access-list 110 permit ip any any
B. access-list 50 deny
C. access list 101 deny tcp any host
D. access-list 2500 deny tcp any host eq 22
Correct Answer: B
The standard access lists are ranged from 1 to 99 and from 1300 to 1999 so only access list 50 is a standard access

which command can you enter to verify that a router is synced with a configured time source ?
A. Show ntp associations
B. show ntp authenticate
C. ntp server time
D. ntp authenticate
E. ntp associations
Correct Answer: A

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