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A server administrator tells you that the server network is potentially under attack. Which piece of information is critical to begin your network investigation?
A. cabinet location of the servers
B. administrator password for the servers
C. OS that is used on the servers
D. IP addresses/subnets used for the servers
Correct Answer: D

Which describes the best method for preserving the chain of evidence?
A. Shut down the machine that is infected, remove the hard drive, and contact the local authorities.
B. Back up the hard drive, use antivirus software to clean the infected machine, and contact the local authorities.
C. Identify the infected machine, disconnect from the network, and contact the local authorities.
D. Allow user(s) to perform any business-critical tasks while waiting for local authorities.
Correct Answer: C
When investigating potential network security issues, which two pieces of useful information would be found in a syslog message? (Choose two.)
A. product serial number
B. MAC address
C. IP address
D. product model number
E. broadcast address
Correct Answer: BC

Which command would provide you with interface status information on a Cisco 600-199 exam  IOS router?
A. show status interface
B. show running-config
C. show ip interface brief
D. show interface snmp
Correct Answer: C

Which will be provided as output when issuing the show processes cpu command on a Cisco IOS router?
A. router configuration
B. CPU utilization of device
C. memory used by device processes
D. interface processing statistics
Correct Answer: B

When is it recommended to establish a traffic profile baseline for your network?
A. outside of normal production hours
B. during a DDoS attack
C. during normal production hours
D. during monthly file server backup
Correct Answer: C

Which two activities would you typically be expected to perform as a Network Security Analyst? (Choose two.)
A. Verify user login credentials.
B. Troubleshoot firewall performance.
C. Monitor database applications.
D. Create security policies on routers.
Correct Answer: BD

Which two measures would you recommend to reduce the likelihood of a successfully executed network attack from the Internet? (Choose two.)
A. Completely disconnect the network from the Internet.
B. Deploy a stateful edge firewall.
C. Buy an insurance policy against attack-related business losses.
D. Implement a password management policy for remote users.
Correct Answer: BD

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