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Cisco 700-751 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which are two characteristics of Cisco Umbrella? (Choose two.)
A. Improve Application Performance
B. Delivered from the cloud
C. Subscription-based model
D. Provides protection when on the VPN
E. Simple manual installation of hardware
Correct Answer: BE

What is the interface used to access the Cisco Meraki Dashboard?
A. Cisco IOS command line interface (CLI)
B. Secure Shell (SSH)
C. Web browser
D. Terminal (mac) or Command Prompt (Windows)
Correct Answer: C

What are two main reasons for deploying small-medium Wi-Fi solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Obtain enterprise-class solution features at the SMB price
B. Simplify deployment for organizations with limited IT staff
C. Need to identify potentially malicious rogue devices or users
D. Provide single pane of glass for routing and switching
E. Separate guest traffic from production traffic at reasonable OpEx.
Correct Answer: AE

Which two statements describe how Cisco can achieve Threat Centric Defense? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco applications constantly scan the environment and analyze outputs to gain a more comprehensive view of
potential threats
B. Limit secure access to growing set of Cloud applications
C. Cisco delivers a common platform across network, infrastructure, appliances and the cloud
D. Cisco network analytics provides visibility and real-time awareness across the entire network by leveraging anomaly
detection and network telemetry
E. Cisco offers the industry\\’s broadest set of enforcement and remediation options for usage control to accelerate
deployment and unify management
Correct Answer: DE

Which is a K-12 feature supported in Mobility Express?
A. mDNS Gateway
B. Guest WLAN enhancements
C. Expert View in the WebUI
D. Schedule WLAN
E. CMX Cloud support
Correct Answer: E

Which device belongs to Business Class Cisco On-Premise Switching Solutions?
A. Cisco Meraki MS 225
B. Cisco Meraki MS 250/350
C. Cisco Catalyst 2960-L
D. Cisco 350X/550X
Correct Answer: C

Which are two major security challenges that occur due to proliferation of users and applications at the branch?
(Choose two.)
A. Increased threat surface area
B. Increased complexity for mitigation
C. Increased complexity for mobility
D. Increased complexity in Omni-channel experience
E. Increase in threat naivety
Correct Answer: AC

Which is the range of users is supported by the Business Edition 4000 (BE4000)?
A. 100-120
B. 10-120
C. 1000-1200
D. 10-200
Correct Answer: D

Which statement represents increasing sophistication in security threat landscape?
A. 25% of users spent their work time off network
B. 85% of intrusions are not discovered for weeks
C. 28% of top security constrains is product compatibility
D. 50B devices connected by 2020 (66% mobile)
Correct Answer: D

What is the right approach to achieve secure infrastructure against attack requirements of WAN connectivity?
A. Monitoring application performance
B. Operational simplicity for server infrastructure
C. Simple and agile service deployment model
D. Introduce Advanced Threat Defense solution
Correct Answer: D

What is Meraki\\’s core vision and value proposition?
A. To operate in increasingly mobile, modern networks by delivering preventative protection without compromising
B. To provide a complete cloud-managed IT solution through simplifying powerful technology
C. To lead in the invention and development of the industry\\’s most advanced information technologies
D. To shape the future of the internet by creating opportunities for the investors and ecosystem partners
Correct Answer: A

What are the two features licenses (subscriptions) available for MX security appliances? (Choose two.)
A. Comprehensive
B. Advanced security
C. Enterprise
D. Essential
E. Defended
Correct Answer: BC

How does Cisco Business-Class SMB switches provide two simplified managements? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure Support
B. Limited scalability and hardware choices
C. Uncompromised security enabled by TrustSec and Identify Services Engine (ISE)
D. Standalone Configuration with Web GUI
E. Integrated live tools for fast troubleshooting
Correct Answer: AD

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