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An organization with a centralized dial plan has user extensions as the last four digits of the external DID number. Some users at the head office have overlapping extensions with the users at the branch offices.
Which action fixes this issue without changing user extensions and allowing users to call each other across sites?
A. Use site codes.
B. Use different CSSs for both sites.
C. Place both extensions in different partitions.
D. Change the number of digits in the internal extensions.
Correct Answer: A

What are two characteristics that are associated with the End User and User account types? (Choose two.) 300-070 pdf
A. They cannot use LDAP.
B. They are used to authorize applications.
C. They can utilize LDAP.D. The Application is associated with the End User and User account types.
E. They can be listed in a directory.
Correct Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit.
300-070 dumps
A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group is configured with the subscriber ( listed first and the publisher ( listed second. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager is used for incoming calls through an MGCP gateway?
A. the publisher
B. both the publisher and subscriber in a round-robin format
C. the first server listed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager group list
D. the subscriber
Correct Answer: A

What are two benefits of using the DiffServ QoS model? 300-070 dumps (Choose two)
A. It offers an absolute guarantee of service quality.
B. It is highly scalable.
C. RTCP is scalable.
D. It provides many different levels of quality.
E. RSVP is not scalable.
Correct Answer: B,D

When implementing a global dial plan, which digit manipulation feature in CUCM does Cisco recommend for adding +1 to all outbound calls?
A. Called party transformation.
B. Calling party transformation.
C. Translation pattern.
D. External phone mask.
Correct Answer: A

Which mechanism is often configured on the edges of a network to control the maximum rate of traffic that is sent or received on an interface and to classify the traffic into priority levels or class of service? 300-070 pdf
A. routing
B. shaping
C. policing
D. access control
E. traffic regulation
Correct Answer: C

Which two options can a route pattern be assigned? (Choose two.)
A. a gateway that is not assigned to a route group
B. a gateway that is assigned to a route group
C. a route list with no route groups configured
D. a route list with one or more route groups configured
Correct Answer: A,D

What are two characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan? (Choose two.)
A. partitions and calling search spaces
C. dial peers
D. voice translation rules
E. route patterns
Correct Answer: A,E

Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? 300-070 dumps (Choose three.)
A. debug ccsip messages
B. debug voip ccapi inout
C. debug dialpeer match
D. debug voip dialpeer inout
E. show dialplan number
Correct Answer: BDE

Which tool can you use to verify and troubleshoot a dial plan?
A. Audit Log Configuration
B. Dialed Number Analyzer
C. CDR Analysis and Reporting
D. Troubleshooting Trace Settings
Correct Answer: B

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