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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNA Data Center
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Exam Code: 640-916
Total Questions: 182 Q&As

New Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-916 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (1-30)

Which commands issued on the Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM push the port profile named VMdata to the VMware vCenter server?
A. N1000v-VSM(config)# port-profile VMdataN1000v-VSM(config-port-prof)# no shutdown
B. N1000v-VSM(config)# port-profile VMdataN1000v-VSM(config-port-prof)# push profile
C. N1000v-VSM(config)# port-profile VMdataN1000v-VSM(config-port-prof)# state enabled
D. N1000v-VSM(config)# port-profile VMdataN1000v-VSM(config-port-prof)# update profile
Correct Answer: C

What is the maximum number of Cisco ACE GSS 4400 Series Appliances that can be part of a high-availability mesh?
A. 16
B. 8
C. 4
D. 3
E. 12
F. 14
Correct Answer: B

An administrator has installed two Cisco VIC adapters. The administrator has also configured four virtual network interface cards and two virtual host bus adapters. Using this configuration, how many PCI bus addresses will be presented to the server operating system?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Correct Answer: C

Which three options are characteristics of a data center access layer switch? (Choose three.)
A. host connectivity
B. firewall connectivity
C. QoS marking
D. spanning-tree edge ports
E. high-speed packet switching
Correct Answer: ACD

Which three are features of Cisco OTV? (Choose three.)
A. control plane-based MAC learning
B. dynamic encapsulation
C. MAC address learning based on flooding
D. pseudo wires and tunnels
E. complex dual-homing
F. native automated multihoming
Correct Answer: ABF

An engineer has been asked to configure the Nexus 1000v for a ESXi Cluster. What component of the Nexus 1000v needs to be installed on the hosts?
C. vShield
Correct Answer: B

Customer is configuring FCoE and NPV in their Data Center on Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches. 640-916 dumps Please go through the Topology and Exhibit 1 through 4 to answer the following questions.
640-916 dumps
640-916 dumps
What can you tell about server ports and their external interfaces from the exhibits?
A. vfc3/1 is not correctly connected to server external interface fc2/1.
B. vfc3/1 is not correctly connected to server external interface fc2/1 and flogi are unsuccessful.
C. Server interface vfc3/1 is assigned to NP uplinks fc2/1,fc2/2, fc2/3, andfc2/4. There are 4 successful flogi.
D. Server interface vfc3/1 is assigned to NP uplinks fc2/1, fc2/2, fc2/3, and fc2/4. There are 4 flogi are in initialization state.
Correct Answer: B

What option automatically performs an inventory and deep discovery of any subsequently attached equipment, without requiring manual intervention?
A. UCS Manager
B. UCS Server
C. CDP Manager
D. Enterprise Manager
Correct Answer: A

Which command issued on the Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM validates the connection to the VMware vCenter server?
A. N1000v-VSM# show vmware-vim
B. N1000v-VSM# show connections vmware
C. N1000v-VSM# show svs connections
D. N1000v-VSM# show vcenter status
Correct Answer: C

An administrator connected a new server to a Cisco MDS 9222i on Port FCL/20, but did not capture the world wide node name of the host bus adapter. Which command returns the needed information?
A. show flogi database
B. show fcns database
C. show fcs database
D. show wwn status
E. show interface fc 1/20
Correct Answer: A

Which SAN port type allows multihop FCoE between two SAN switches?
D. E
Correct Answer: B

Which is the correct port mapping for a Fibre Channel HBA connected to a Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switch?
A. H_Port to N_Port
B. N_Port to S_Port
C. H_Port to S_Port
D. N_Port to F_Port
E. H_Port to F_Port
Correct Answer: D

In a large enterprise, which two SAN switches are ideal core switches for providing high availability? 640-916 dumps (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Nexus 5548
B. Cisco MDS 9710
C. Cisco MDS 9509
D. Cisco Nexus 7028
E. Cisco MDS 9222i
Correct Answer: BC

Which three are the three primary methods to configure Cisco UCS B-Series systems? (Choose three.)
C. UCS Manager GUI
E. UCS Manager CLI
Correct Answer: BCE

A network engineer is configuring a pair of 6248 Fabric Interconnects, each with dual 10G uplinks to a parent switch. One design requirement is to ensure a specific server is able to use 10G of throughput to the LAN without contention from other servers within the 5108 chassis. Which technology will accomplish this?
A. LAN Pin Groups
B. Port-Channels
C. System QoS Policy
D. Unified Ports
Correct Answer: A

Which item best describes the STP requirements for Cisco FabricPath?
A. RPVST must be configured on every Cisco FabricPath VLAN.
B. RPVST must be configured on every Cisco FabricPath Border interface.
C. MST must be configured on every Cisco FabricPath VLAN.
D. MST must be configured on every Cisco FPBI.
E. STP is required only to resolve border link failures.
F. STP is not required on Cisco FabricPath interfaces.
Correct Answer: F

Which port type pair is used to connect FCoE switches in multihop FCoE?
A. N to F
B. VF to VN
C. VE to VE
D. TE to TE
E. NL to NF
Correct Answer: C

Which two switches does Cisco recommend for small and medium-sized organizations to provide a cost-effective solution for the Fibre Channel SAN edge? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco MDS 9250i
B. Cisco MDS 9506
C. Cisco MDS 9148
D. Cisco MDS 9509
Correct Answer: AC

Which is a function of the data center access layer?
A. repeater
B. high-speed packet switching
C. access control
D. firewalling and Intrusion Prevention
E. services layer
F. QoS marking
Correct Answer: F

On the Cisco Nexus 5000, which three commands help verify network connectivity? (Choose three.)
A. ping
B. show interface brief
C. show otv
D. show vdc membership
E. traceroute
Correct Answer: ABE

Which three items are needed to perform the initial setup for a Cisco Data Center device? (Choose three.)
A. IP address and network mask
B. FTP password
C. Active Directory password
D. console cable
E. device software licenses
F. admin password to assign to the device
G. SFP+ cables
Correct Answer: ADF

What are two purposes of VIFs in Data Center Unified Fabric? (Choose two.)
A. VIF can be used to virtually present NICs to the operating system
B. VIF is created when interconnecting Catalyst switches to Nexus switches
C. FEX modules can be connected to Nexus parent switches through VIF
D. VIF can be used to directly attach virtual machines with a Unified Computing System
E. VIF creates multiple switch instances inside a VDC
Correct Answer: AD

Which command would you use to determine which hosts were Fibre Channel targets?
A. MDS-A# show host login
B. MDS-A# show host database
C. MDS-A# show flogi database
D. MDS-A# show host-id
E. MDS-A# show fcns database
Correct Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.
640-916 dumps
A customer has connected ports from a Cisco UCS 6296 using factory default settings, in this way:
?Ports 45-48 connected to an upstream Cisco MDS switch
?Ports 16-19 connected to an upstream Cisco Nexus 5596 switch
Which two port modes should be used in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose two.)
A. ports 45-48 as Fibre Channel uplink ports
B. ports 16-19 as uplink ports
C. ports 45-48 as Fibre Channel storage ports
D. ports 16-19 as server ports
E. ports 45-48 as FCoE ports
Correct Answer: AB

Which is the correct command to install a feature license on Cisco MDS 9100 Series Fibre Channel Switches? 640-916 dumps
A. MDS-A# install license bootflash:license_file.lic
B. MDS-A# copy license bootflash:license_file.lic running-config
C. MDS-A# install feature bootflash:license_file.lic
D. MDS-A# copy feature bootflash:license_file.lic running-config
E. MDS-A# update license pool bootflash:license_file.lic
Correct Answer: A

Which IEEE protocol provides bandwidth management and priority selection?
A. Priority-based Flow Control (802.1Qbb)
B. Enhanced Transmission Selection (802.1Qaz)
C. Bandwidth Demand Circuit (802.1Qax)
D. Quantized Congestion Control (802.1Qau)
E. Data Center Bridging Exchange (802.1Qab)
Correct Answer: B

Which option describes what VNTags are used for?
A. to separate broadcast domains
B. to identify and separate virtual interfaces
C. to prioritize FCoE traffic
D. to extend a Layer 2 domain across a Layer 3 boundary
Correct Answer: B

Which component of Cisco UCS B-Series is also referred to as a FEX?
A. UCS 5108
B. UCS 2104XP
C. UCS 6248UP
D. UCS 6120
Correct Answer: B

Which two installation models are supported by Cisco virtual interfaces? (Choose two.)
A. pass-through switching
B. hypervisor controlled
C. native switching
D. channeled uplink
E. store-and-forward switching
Correct Answer: AB

640-916 dumps
640-916 dumps
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