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Latest Cisco ICND1 100-105 dumps, 100-105 exam practice test questions and answers

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Free test Cisco ICND1 100-105 Exam Questions and Answers

Which networking Technology is currently recognized as the standard for computer networking?
A. System network architecture
B. Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
C. Open system Interconnect
D. Open network architecture
Correct Answer: B


The following commands are entered on the router:
Burbank(config)# enable secret fortress Burbank(config)# line con 0 Burbank(config-line)# login Burbank(config-line)#
password n0way1n Burbank(config-line)# exit Burbank(config)# service password-encryption
What is the purpose of the last command entered?
A. to require the user to enter an encrypted password during the login process
B. to prevent the vty, console, and enable passwords from being displayed in plain text in the configuration files
C. to encrypt the enable secret password
D. to provide login encryption services between hosts attached to the router
Correct Answer: B
Certain types of passwords, such as Line passwords, by default appear in clear text in the configuration file. You can
use the service password-encryption command to make them more secure. Once this command is entered, each
password configured is automatically encrypted and thus rendered illegible inside the configuration file (much as the
Enable/Enable Secret passwords are). Securing Line passwords is doubly important in networks on which TFTP servers
are used, because TFTP backup entails routinely moving config files across networks–and config files, of course,

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