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Cisco 350-401 Online Exam Practice Questions

Refer to the exhibit. lead4pass 350-401 practice q1

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is using XML in an application to send information to a RESTCONF- enabled device.
After sending the request, the engineer gets this response message and an HTTP response code of 400. What do these
Do responses tell the engineer?
A. The Accept header sent as application/XML
B. POST was used instead of PUT to update
C. The Content-Type header sent as application/XML.
D. JSON body was used
Correct Answer: D

lead4pass 350-401 practice q1-1


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 350-401 practice q2

What is the effect of the configuration\\’\\’
A. The device will allow users at to connect to vty lines 0 through 4 using the password ciscotestkey
B. The device will allow only users at 192 168.0.202 to connect to vty lines 0 through 4
C. When users attempt to connect to vty lines 0 through 4. the device will authenticate them against TACACS* if local
authentication fails
D. The device will authenticate all users connecting to vty lines 0 through 4 against TACACS+
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about VRRP are true? (Choose two)
A. It supports both MD5 and SHA1 authentication.
B. It is assigned multicast address
C. Three versions of the VRRP protocol have been defined.
D. It is assigned multicast address
E. The TTL for VRRP packets must be 255.
F. Its IP address number is 115.
Correct Answer: CE


A network administrator is Implementing a routing configuration change and enables routing debugs to track routing
behavior during the change. The logging output on the terminal is interrupting the command typing process. Which two
actions can the network administrator take to minimize the possibility of typing commands incorrectly? (Choose two.)
A. Configure the logging synchronous global configuration command
B. Configure the logging delimiter feature
C. Configure the logging synchronous command under the vty
D. Press the TAB key to reprint the command in a new line
E. increase the number of lines on the screen using the terminal length command
Correct Answer: CD


What is the role of the RP in PIM sparse mode?
A. The RP responds to the PIM join messes with the source of the requested multicast group
B. The RP maintains default aging timeouts for all multicast streams requested by the receivers.
C. The RP acts as a control-plane node and does not receive or forward multicast packets.
D. The RP is the multicast that is the root of the PIM-SM shared multicast distribution tree.
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about VRF-lite are true? (Choose two)
A. It can support multiple customers on a single switch
B. It supports most routing protocols, including EIGRP, ISIS, and OSPF
C. It should be used when a customer\\’s router is connected to an ISP over OSPF
D. It can increase the packet switching rate
E. It supports MPLS-VRF label exchange and labeled packets
Correct Answer: AB
In VRF-Lite, Route distinguisher (RD) identifies the customer routing table and allows customers to be assigned
overlapping addresses. Therefore it can support multiple customers with overlapping addresses – > Answer \\’ It can
support multiple customers on a single switch\\’ is correct. VRFs are commonly used for MPLS deployments, when we
use VRFs without MPLS then we call it VRF lite -> Answer \\’ It supports MPLS-VRF label exchange and labeled
packets\\’ is not correct. VRF-Lite supports the most popular routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, and static routing
-> Answer \\’ It supports most routing protocols, including EIGRP, ISIS, and OSPF\\’ is correct.


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 350-401 practice q7

Edge-01 is currently operational as the HSRP primary with priority 110. Which command on Edge-02 causes it to take
over the forwarding role when Edge-01 is down?
A. standby 10 priority
B. standby 10 preempt
C. standby 10 track
D. standby 10 timers
Correct Answer: C


A network administrator is preparing a Python script to configure a Cisco IOS XE-based device on the network. The administrator is worried that colleagues will make changes to the device while the script is running.
Which operation of the client manager prevents colleagues from making changes to the devices while the script is
A. m.lock(config=\\’running\\’)
B. m.lock(target=\\’running\\’)
C. m.freeze(target=\\’running\\’)
D. m.freeze(config=\\’running\\’)
Correct Answer: B


What does the LAP send when multiple WLCs respond to the CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain hostname
during the CAPWAP discovery and join process?
A. unicast discovery request to the first WLC that resolves the domain name
B. broadcast discovery request
C. join request to all the WLCs
D. unicast discovery request to each WLC
Correct Answer: A


A client with IP address 209 16b 201 2b must access a web server on port 80 at 209 I6b.200.22b. To allow this traffic.
an engineer must add a statement to an access control list that is applied in the inbound direction on the port connecting
the webserver.
Which statement allows this traffic?
A. permit TCP host 209 165 200 225 eq 80 hosts
B. permit TCP host 209 165.201 25 hosts eq 80
C. permit TCP host 209.165.200 225 It 80 host
D. permit TCP host host eq 80
Correct Answer: B


Which statement about a Cisco APIC controller versus a more traditional SDN controller is true?
A. APIC does support a Southbound REST API
B. APIC supports OpFlex as a Northbound protocol
C. APIC uses a policy agent to translate policies into instructions
D. APIC uses an imperative model
Correct Answer: C
The southbound protocol used by APIC is OpFlex that is pushed by Cisco as the protocol for policy enablement across
physical and virtual switches. Southbound interfaces are implemented with some called Service Abstraction Layer
(SAL), which talks to the network elements via SNMP and CLI. Note: Cisco OpFlex is a southbound protocol in a
software-defined network (SDN).


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 350-401 practice q12

You have just created a new VRF on PE3. You have enabled debug IP BGP vpnv4 unicast updates on PE1, and you can
see the route in the debug, but not in the BGP VPNv4 table. Which two statements are true? (Choose two)
A. After you configure route-target import 999:999 for a VRF on PE1, the route will be accepted
B. VPNv4 is not configured between PE1 and PE3
C. address-family ipv4 or is not configured on PE3
D. PE1 will reject the route due to automatic route filtering
E. After you configure route-target import 999:999 for a VRF on PE3, the route will be accepted
Correct Answer: AD
Because some PE routers might receive routing information they do not require, a basic requirement is to be able to
filter the MP-iBGP updates at the ingress to the PE router so that the router does not need to keep this information in
memory. The Automatic Route Filtering feature fulfills this filtering requirement. This feature is available by default on all
PE routers and no additional configuration is necessary to enable it. Its function is to filter automatically VPN-IPv4
that contains a route-target extended community that
does not match any of the PE\\’s configured VRFs. This effectively discards any unwanted VPN-IPv4 routes silently,
thus reducing the amount of information that the PE has to store in memory -> Answer \\’ PE1 will reject the route due to
automatic route filtering\\’ is correct.
Reference: MPLS and VPN Architectures Book, Volume 1
The reason that PE1 dropped the route is there is no “route-target import 999:999” command on PE1 (so we see the
“DENIED due to the extended community not supported” in the debug) so we need to type this command to accept this
route ->
Answer \\’ After you configure route-target import 999:999 for a VRF on PE1, the route will be accepted\\’ is correct.


Which feature is supported by ElGRP but is not supported by OSPF?
A. route summarization
B. equal-cost load balancing
C. unequal-cost load balancing
D. route filtering
Correct Answer: C

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