Is Microsoft Office International Certification (MOS) useful?

Answer: definitely useful

As a senior worker with MOS certification, I have served thousands of candidates since 2015, and they are all candidates from different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, China, and so on! They can be roughly divided into: students (40%), staff and clerks (20%), accountants and finance (20%), and the other 20% are mostly candidates for government and administrative agencies.

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Why do these four groups of people need to obtain MOS certification? What are the benefits to them after getting the certificate? let’s go together.


The first is the students: nearly half of the 40% of the students are preparing to study abroad or enter a large enterprise because MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) is a recognized certification in the world and is used to apply for studying abroad and technical immigration After all, Microsoft certification is an international certification. At present, some colleges and universities can also use Microsoft MOS certification to deduct some credits.

The other half are students who are about to enter the workplace. When the resumes of people around you still say “proficient in office, computer second-level certificate”, your resume says that you have passed the Microsoft Office software MOS certification exam, and you have obtained Office 2016, 2019 master certificate… I believe that HR will definitely look at you more in the crowd, and now the second level of the computer is a bad street, there is no difference, and the effect is not very big. During the job interview, there will still be extra points for having a Microsoft MOS master certificate.

Staff and Clerks:

The second is staff and clerks. As we all know, staff and clerks face computers every day. To be honest, everyone knows Word, Excel, and PPT, but how do you prove that you are proficient in using Office?

Usually, when you encounter such problems, it depends on you. Obtain the corresponding qualification/competence certificate. Microsoft MOS certification is a qualification certificate to prove your ability.

For example, if you say how good your office is, and how others believe you have this ability, there is no evidence to say it. If you have a MOS certificate in front of others, you can prove everything, no need to talk nonsense, Because this certificate is the only competency certification recognized by Microsoft.

Accounting and Finance:

Then there are accounting and finance. To put it bluntly, it is the financial industry. As one student said: the financial industry has high requirements for practitioners’ Excel operation ability, and the knowledge points tested by the MOS Excel expert certification can almost let you Used in the financial industry, making your daily work feel like a fish in water. Learn office, reduce two hours of overtime, and work efficiency can significantly improved.

Government, welfare agencies, and teachers:

Finally, we usually talk about government work, welfare institutions, and teachers. Needless to say, teachers face a lot of students every day. Your PPT must be reasonable, so as to improve classroom efficiency. In units such as government work and welfare institutions Here, basically, everyone has a second-level computer certificate, but whether you can continue to mix it depends on your work efficiency, because Office software is often used (Excel data processing, Word document editing, PPT slide presentation), so Looking at MOS is more useful than level two.

In short: Obtain MOS certification, improve personal competitiveness, significantly improve work efficiency, and fully demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Let you feel like a duck in water in the workplace!

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