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As a senior worker with MOS certification, I have served thousands of candidates since 2015, and they are all candidates from different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, China, and so on! They can be roughly divided into: students (40%), staff and clerks (20%), accountants and finance (20%), and the other 20% are mostly candidates for government and administrative agencies.

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Why do these four groups of people need to obtain MOS certification? What are the benefits to them after getting the certificate? let’s go together.


The first is the students: nearly half of the 40% of the students are preparing to study abroad or enter a large enterprise because MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) is a recognized certification in the world and is used to apply for studying abroad and technical immigration After all, Microsoft certification is an international certification. At present, some colleges and universities can also use Microsoft MOS certification to deduct some credits.

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