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I will answer questions about the PL-200 exam in a question-and-answer format (here contain the questions that candidates care about: part of me is collecting, and the other part is sharing real and effective PL-200 Exam materials to help candidates truly pass Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam.) Whether you are a rookie or not, you need to pass the PL-200 exam through continuous practice and practice.

What is Microsoft PL?

Exclusive – This course will teach you how to build apps. One Microsoft exam voucher included with class.
This course will teach you how to build apps with low-code techniques to simplify, automate,and transform business tasks and processes using Microsoft Power Platform.

Is Power Platform part of Office 365?

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts.
Connect them together—and to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps—and build end-to-end business solutions.

Are PL-200 and MB-200 the same?

As PL-200 is the replacement for MB-200, most of the MB-200 skills are part of PL-200 as well.
But PL-200 seems to cover an even wider area of skills.
PL-200 is more aligned to Power Platform terms like CDS, Power App, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents.

What is the difference between PowerApps and Power Platform?

The PowerApps is an application development platform that is part of the broader Microsoft Power Platform, whose capabilities are built on and utilize Azure cloud services. Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Talent are all built natively on the platform.

What are the PL-200 exam details?

Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: PL-200
Exam Name: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
Certification: Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate
Languages: English, Japanese
Duration: 120 mins
Number of Questions: 40-60
Passing score: 700 / 1000
Price: $165 USD

How can I clear my PL-200 exam?

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And share a part of the Lead4pass PL-200 dumps practice material for online inspection:


You create a new Power Virtual Agents chatbot for an organization.
Testing and production deployment of the chatbot is not complete.
You need to ensure that appropriate users can access the chatbot.
Which methods should you use? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Box 1: Use the demo website
When publishing the bot to the web, you can publish to a prebuilt demo website (which you can use to share the bot with your teammates and stakeholders) and to your own live website.

Box 2: Share the chatbot to a security group containing all users.
A license for each user, also known as a “per user license” (or “Power Virtual Agent User License” as referred to on the Microsoft 365 admin center), should be assigned to individual users who need access to create and manage chatbots.

To simplify user license management, you can assign licenses to an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) security group.

Box 3: Embed the chatbot code in an IFRame on your copany\’s public website
You can add your bot to a live website as an IFrame. Your live website can be a customer-facing external website or an internal site, like a SharePoint or Yammer site.



You are a Dynamics Sales administrator for a car dealership. The dealership uses only out-of-the-box functionality.
When a new car is sold, the salesperson uses a Word template to generate a letter from the quote to thank the customer.
You need to determine if you can revise the template.
Which Word template change can you make?

A. Add the Discount field conditionally.
B. Format the table to have alternating color rows.
C. Format the Created On field to a long date format.
D. Add the address of the customer.

Correct Answer: D


You are designing a chatbot for a sports outlet.
You need to complete the chatbot.
Which features should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate features to the correct requirements. Each feature may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.
NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Box 1: Entities
Out of the box, Power Virtual Agents comes with a set of prebuilt entities, which represent the most commonly used stereotype information in real-world dialogs, such as age, colors, numbers, and names.
With the knowledge granted by entities, a bot can smartly recognize the relevant information from user input and save it for later use.

Box 2: Topics
In Power Virtual Agents, a topic defines how a bot conversation plays out.
You can author topics by customizing provided templates, creating new topics from scratch, or get suggestions from existing help sites.
A topic has trigger phrases


You are a Dynamic 365 administrator. You create a new solution in Dynamics 365.
You need to help end-users understand which actions to take next and ensure that user interaction occurs in manageable steps.
Which actions should you perform? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customerengagement/on-premises/customize/business-process-flows-overview


You are creating a new business process flow to qualify leads.
You create an action. The action is not available inside the Action Step.
You need to make the action available to the Action Step.
Which two steps must you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Ensure that the entity for the action matches the corresponding entity for the business process flow stage.

B. Add at least one step to the action.

C. Select Run as an on-demand process.

D. Activate the action.

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/april18/microsoft-flow/add-action-business-process-flow


You implement an editable grid for the Account entity.
The business team provides the following list of features that they would like you to implement:

1. Group by or sort columns in the current view.
2. Configure a business rule to show an error message.
3. Edit values in calculated fields.
4. Edit the Address composite field.
5. Use the editable grid on mobile phones.

Which actions can you perform? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customerengagement/on-premises/customize/make-grids-lists-editable-custom-control


You are designing a desktop user interface (UI) flow.
The UI flow automates legacy software.
You need to prepare data for transfer to the Microsoft SharePoint list.
Which four actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/ui-flows/inputs-outputs-desktop#use-outputs-to-extract-information-from-the-app


You need to design the guest check-in solution.
Which technologies should you use? To answer, select the appropriate options in the
answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

Hot Area:

Correct Answer:


You are a Dynamics 365 Customer Service system administrator.
Your organization does not permit the use of custom code for solutions.
You need to create a view that can be viewed by all users in an organization.

Where should you create the view?

A. Microsoft Excel template
B. Entities component of a solution
C. Microsoft Virtual Studio
D. Templates area

Correct Answer: B


You need to design the resort portal to meet the business requirements. Which data source should you use?

A. Common Data Service
B. Microsoft Excel
C. Azure SQL Database
D. SQL Server

Correct Answer: B


You have a form that displays a custom field from an entity.
A customer wants to restrict users from filtering on the custom field.
You need to prevent users from filtering the field in Advanced Find.
What should you modify?

A. Fields in the Edit Filter Criteria option of the Quick Find view
B. the Field Security field on the Field Properties form
C. a searchable field on the Field Properties form
D. Fields in the Add Find Columns option of the Quick Find view

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/dynamics365apps/posts/kb-understanding-dynamics-365-field-s-searchable-property


You are a Dynamics 365 Customer Service administrator.
You need to configure the following automation for the sales team:

1. Send an email when the status changes on an Opportunity.
2. Text the sales manager when an Opportunity is created.
3. Create a Wunderlist task when an Opportunity is open for 30 days.

Which tool should you use for each requirement? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:


You are creating a canvas app.
A user will click a button on each screen of a Power Apps app to proceed to the next screen.
You need to implement the action which selects the next screen that the user sees.
Which event should you handle?

A. ScreenTransition
B. OnSelect
C. OnLoad
D. OnCheck

Correct Answer: B

Add navigation

1. With the Source screen selected, open the Insert tab, select Icons, and then select the Next arrow.
2. With the arrow still selected, select the Action tab, and then select Navigate.
3. The OnSelect property for the arrow is automatically set to a Navigate function.
4. When a user selects the arrow, the Target screen fades in.
5. On the Target screen, add a Back arrow, and set its OnSelect property to this formula:
6. Navigate(Source, ScreenTransition.Fade)
7. While holding down the Alt key, toggle between screens by selecting the arrow on each screen.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/add-screen-context-variables

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