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Latest updates Polycom 1K0-001 exam practice questions

The term “Full Motion Video” typically refers to a transmission of video at which rate?
A. Video Frames at a rate of less than 10 per second
B. Video Frames at a rate of greater than 100 per second
C. Video Frames at a rate of less than 24 per second
D. Video Frames at a rate of 24 or more per second
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following describes Request for Comment documents?
A. Internet Protocol Standards specifications
B. WAN hardware specifications of operations
C. Signal Regeneration specifications
D. Signal Loss specifications
E. Signal to noise ratio specifications
F. LAN hardware specifications
Correct Answer: A


Video Conferencing Terminals that are designed to tolerate Network delay, packets lost, packets out of sequence, and
jitter are called________.
A. H.321 Terminals
B. H.320 Terminals
C. H.323 Terminals
D. F.150 Terminals
E. T.120 Data Transfer ANSI Terminals.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are two examples of Fiber Optic interface problems? (Choose two of the following options.)
A. Splice loss and connection loss
B. Noise
C. Gravity
D. Cable bends
E. EMI – Electro Magnetic Interference
F. RFI Radio Frequency Interference
Correct Answer: AD


E1 framing has a bit structure of how many bits per frame?
Clue Full metallic E1 speed divided by 8KHz Stratum timing.
A. 200
B. 240
C. 256
D. 300
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following Standards defines multiple video channels during a Visual Telephony meeting?
A. H.239
B. H.320
C. H.221
D. H.323
E. H.225
Correct Answer: A


Which Network Services speeds are governed by cable length and cable wire gauge?
A. Packet Switching
B. Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate
C. D-Channels
D. B-Channels
E. Digital Subscriber Line Services
Correct Answer: E


Media Gateways will:
A. process information for Video File Transfers.
B. process audio for Multipoint Conferencing.
C. provide Bearer to Bearer Channel Switching.
D. provide Bearer Channel termination and Media Stream termination and conversion.
E. terminate Packet Networks.
Correct Answer: D

The Bandwidth on Demand Interoperability Group created four modes for standardized Inverse Multiplexing. Which
mode is best compatible with H.320/221 Video Conferencing?
A. Mode 1
B. Mode 2
C. Mode 3
D. Mode 4
Correct Answer: A


What effect does natural daylight from a window have on video?
A. It causes the video to be out of focus.
B. It causes the picture to have a bluish tint.
C. It causes the iris to close, which makes images appear dark.
D. It causes the iris to open, which makes images appear bright
Correct Answer: BC


Of the following names, which two apply to S-Video?
A. Synchronous Video
B. Y/C Video
C. Separate Video
D. Select Video
E. Standard Video
Correct Answer: BC


Using different color-temperature light sources will compromise which part of the camera performance?
A. Brightness
B. White Balance
C. Field of View
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following communication signal procedures are required for a H.323 Videoconferencing over IP call to
establish? (Select three)
A. Capability Exchange Signals
B. Selected Communication Mode Signals
C. Frame Alignment and Bit Rate Allocation Signal
D. Master/Slave Determination
E. Logical Channel Signaling
Correct Answer: ADE

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